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01. Wake up the Moon (4:31) | Listen
02. Bridges to the Sun (3:47) | Listen
03. Eyes of a Child (5:00) | Listen
04. Coyote (6:00) | Listen
05. Too Bad (3:17) | Listen
06. Peace of Mind (7:11) | Listen
07. Born & Raised (5:21) | Listen
08. GTO (3:28) | Listen
09. So Long Love, Goodbye Friend (3:53) | Listen
10. Love, Love (4:17) | Listen
11. Calling My Name (3:12) | Listen
12. Wake Up The Moon (Instrumental) (4:33)



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In May 1973, nine college students spent a week camping out and recording music at a remote studio location. They each wrote a composition and collaborated on each others songs during six days and nights of friendship, music, and fun. by the end of the week, they had produced nine introspective songs that preserved their moods, hopes, and fears for generations. On the way back to campus, they were involved in a van accident. All nine singers/songwriters were killed.

The music they recorded disappeared and remained silent for over thirty years until it was accidentally purchased by a college student at a garage sale. NOVEM's music and story spread quickly over the internet to college campuses across the country.

Special Features Include: Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, and the Trailer.
Running Time: 1 HR 43 MINS

View the Novem Trailer: Small (2.85MB) | Medium (12MB) | Large (24MB)



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